Events in which Inada Sōsai participated in 2020

January 5, 2020

Commemorative Symposium for the Founding of Bokujinkai
Professor Toshimaro Ama, “Art and Religion”
At Shōgo-in Goten-sō

February 5 to 16, 2020

The 18th NAU 21st Century Exhibition at the National Art Center, Tokyo (Roppongi)

April 6 to 12, 2020

The 52nd Bokujin Kansai Exhibition at Kyoto Prefectural Center for Arts & Culture

May 12 to 18, 2020

The 117th Bokujin Public Tokyo Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

August 28 to 31, 2020

Bokujin Summer Study Retreat in Tochigi City

October 6 to 11, 2020

The 118th Bokujin Public Tokyo Exhibition at Kyoto City Museum of Art

November 18 to 23, 2020

The 13th Forest of Calligraphy Exhibition at Wajun Gallery in Chion-in Wajun Kaikan

November 28, 2020 to January 24, 2021

The Pierre Soulages and Morita Shiryū Exhibition at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art